Current Newsletter Spring 2022

Welcome to the Harkness Alumni News Issue 9
Spring 2022

As the world develops ways to live with Covid 19, the Harkness Fellows Association is also developing a ‘new normal’. Fellows and members have all benefited from the wider range of speakers and participants able to engage in HFA talks in the last two years because talks have been on-line. Speakers have joined from California, Belgium and Scotland; this would not have been possible had we not been on-line. Harkness Fellows, too, have joined from far afield: Europe, the USA and Australia, as well as from all round the UK.

The plan, therefore, is that in future most of our talks will be on line, but in-person talks will take place from time to time. The first of these exceptions will be in September, when we will use a venue that has openable windows and parking nearby for those disinclined to travel on public transport. The venue will connect easily to many of London’s mainline stations.  

Please reserve September 13th early evening and look out for a notice about the event. We look forward to meeting again, and to seeing new faces. If you would like to be involved in a regional gathering, please let us know;

Our next planned event on line is entitled The Rise of China: What Consequences for British Interests and Policies? Book here.

As always, please let us have any updates to

Food Security 

In the January HFA talk, Professor John Pickett from the University of Cardiff addressed the question; Can We Deliver Sustainable Food Production? John gave his audience a whistle-stop tour of the wide range of current biochemical research to address food security and sustainability.   During his talk he highlighted concerns about the lack of scientific research in this area and the need for scientists to communicate their work better for the general public to understand.

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Success in Business 

Over the years the Harkness Fellowships, and the Commonwealth Fellowships before them, have played a significant part in developing leaders.  Bright young people have been given opportunities to learn, and networks for support, that if grasped could make them national leaders in their field.  One such is Sir Christopher Hogg (HF 1960-62) who died late last year year.  Eryl Morris (HF 1968-70) outlines how the Fellowship played into Chris’ success in business.

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Please Join The Harkness Fellows Association 

The Harkness Fellows Association (HFA) is a charity set up with the aim of encouraging transatlantic understanding. By sustaining a supportive learning network of Harkness Fellows, we seek to develop and encourage international learning and understanding. The HFA is supported by former fellows and others who make an annual donation to cover costs such as the website and talks administration. Please consider joining; see here.  There are also vacancies for new committee members; please write to Judy Hargadon at 

Joining the HFA. 



The Role of Law in Good International Relations.  

Professor Keon Lenaerts (HF 1978-80), President of the Court of Justice of the European Union spoke to the HFA recently.  Commitment to the rule of law by all EU Member States, and acceptance of the primacy of EU-law over national law, has proved powerful in enabling integration.  Trust is paramount when allowing residents and goods to cross borders freely, essential to the many benefits countries in the Union get from membership.  The way legal matters have been handled over the 70 years of the Union’s development enhances such trust. 

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Harkness Fellows Updates

Please send us updates about yourself.  We know that Harkness Fellows like to hear about fellow alumni but we can only share what we are told.  These should be sent to

Colin Drummond OBE DL (HF 1975-77) has let us know that he is currently Chair of the University of Plymouth.  He is also Chair of Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, 

We are sad to report the recents deaths of

Harrison Birthwhistle HF 1965-67.  See our interview at Dartington Hall with him here.
Bamber Gasgoine CFF 1958-59.  See more about the HFA visit to West Horsley Place in 2017.  
Sir Christopher Hogg HF 1960-62.  See the feature by Eryl Morris here for more on the impact of his Fellowship
Anthony Long,  HF 1977-79,  who recently joined the Harkness Fellows Association committee.  He contributed significantly to the development of the Harkness Fellows Association website including writing on his area of expertise, environmentalism.