Current Newsletter Autumn 2023

Welcome to the Harkness Alumni News Issue 12
Autumn 2023

It has been a busy time for the Harkness Fellows Association.  A steering group has been set up to support work on the Commonwealth Fund grant to improve support to returning fellows.  We are also working on how we can recognise the Centenary of the Harkness Fellowships in 2025.

This summer saw the successful return of the Harkness Dinner.  In 2024 we will trial a regional dinner in each of Edinburgh and Bath where volunteers have agreed to help organise these. If the model works. we will spread it to other areas.

Members are reminded about the AGM on December 6th. After a short meeting conducting formal business, members will have a chance to talk with the committee about future plans.

As always, please let us have any updates to

Keep Learning

The summer and autumn have seen continued stimulating discussions. Anthony Carey (HF 1980-82) encouraged his audience to question what exactly it means to say something is in the national interest. At our dinner, Adrian Wooldridge (HF 1984-85) asked  “Can we save Liberalism in an Age of Populism?” Recently Jacob West, (HF 2014-15) covered the development of AI in health care and its significant potential for the future.

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Returning Fellows

In October we had a chance to meet and hear from this year’s returning UK fellows. The presentations touched on AI, big business in health care, drugs, ethnicity, homelessness and demands on primary care. As ever these fellows are inspiring and it was easy to see how they will influence the worlds they each work in. To learn more about Becks Fisher, Zainab Garba-Sani, Aoife McDermott and Emmert Roberts see here.  Thanks to the Health Foundation for hosting this annual event.

Future Events

We live in “interesting times”.  Our programme of talks is being assembled to cover topical issues, but also to offer reflective opportunities including the relationship between arts and science. On January 30th, Professor Satvinder Juss HF (1996-97) will consider topical issues in the judiciary. 

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Harkness Reports editor steps down from HFA Committee

Malcolm Dean was known to many as the Editor of Society Guardian.  He was known to his HFA colleagues as a good natured member of the committee, with many contacts though his years in journalism.  His work was known to many Harkness Fellows in the six years that he wrote the Harkness and Transatlantic Report.  Read more about Malcolm here.


Harkness Fellows Updates

Please send us updates about yourself.  We know that Harkness Fellows like to hear about fellow alumni but we can only share what we are told.  These should be sent to

We are sad to report the death of Alan Bailey  in April 2023.  Alan was Chair of the Harkness Fellows Association in its early years and we remain grateful for his contributions to its success.