Current Newsletter Autumn 2018

Welcome to our second online newsletter.  We were pleased to get positive feedback from colleagues on the first.  We look forward to hearing more from fellow alumni as we seek to sustain the alumni network and share learning and insights from our evening lectures and features by and about Harkness Fellows.

There are new stories to be viewed in the Alumni Stories section in our website. Thank you to those who shared stories with us.  To see the stories click here; indeed, send us your story.

A number of Harkness Fellows have become actively involved in politics in their post fellowship careers. Two such alumni have shared the story of why they enjoy a role in local politics. In the current climate when many question “Who would be a politician?” it is good to read their accounts.

We welcome all contributions to the newsletter from Fellows with updates on their activities. These should be sent to  If you are reading this on our website and have not heard from the Harkness Fellows Association in recent years, please do get in touch.

We look forward to seeing Members of the HFA at the AGM; 5.45pm at the Athenaeum November 26th, prior to Anna Dixon’s talk at 6.30, ‘Living Longer; A Curse or a Blessing’ 

Harkness Fellows Association

Can We Avoid Misunderstanding?

With political discourse so intense at present, how can we keep an open dialogue in society? Prof Christina Pagel shares with us how she developed survey questions on key political issues in the US and UK that did not lead people to jump straight back into their partisan box. Care about our choice of language can help us understand our colleagues, friends and family who might at first seem to have diametrically opposed views to our own. 

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Living Longer; A Curse or a Blessing? Dr Anna Dixon

26th Nov 2018 6.30 for 7pm    
We are on average living longer than our parents’ and grandparent’s generations. So what are we going to do with these extra years? What does this mean for younger generations? Join us for our next evening talk when Dr Anna Dixon will share insights and evidence from the work of Ageing Better, where she is Chief Executive.   The event will take place at the Athenaeum in London. 

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Stuart Devlin: Designer, Goldsmith, Silversmith

Edited by Carole Devlin and Victoria Kate Simkin; Published 2018 ACC Art Books 

Stuart Devlin, (1931 to 2018) AO, CMG, was a Harkness Fellow from 1960 to 62 based at Columbia University.  A conversation with Stuart’s wife Carole and her sister Victoria throws light on his fellowship and how they came to edit this masterpiece

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The Ethics of Digital Intelligence.

At our last event we heard about the ethics of digital intelligence from Sir David Omand, Visiting Professor at the War Studies Department, Kings College, London, who has a long and distinguished career in intelligence. His thesis is outlined here. 

During the summer a group of Fellows and friends had a private tour of Spencer House. We were delighted to be joined by a recent HF from Germany who was visiting London.

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Harkness Fellows Updates
Thank you to those who sent updates. These should be sent to


To Dr Ian Basnett (HF 1997/8) who was awarded an OBE in the Queens Birthday Honours for services to public health.

To UK Harkness Fellows in Health Care Policy and Practice, Hugh Alderwick, Adam Briggs, Sarah Huf and William Wynn-Jones, who completed their studies this summer, and shared their learning with former fellows in October.  Thank you to the Health Foundation for hosting this interesting evening.


Jan Morris, (CFF 1953), has published  “In my Mind’s Eye: A Thought Diary”, her first diary style writing, published at the age of 90.

Stanley Johnson (HF 1963-64) has published his most recent novel “Kompromat”.

We were sorry to hear of the following deaths.

Baroness Patricia Hollis ( HF 1963-64) who died in October 2018.

Stuart Devlin (HF 1960-62) AO CMG who died in April 2018.

Congratulations to the following on their promotions and new posts.

Partha Das (HF 2016-17) has been appointed as DaVita international chief medical officer, where he will lead their clinical operations in kidney care services in 10 countries outside of the US.

Claire Lemer (HF 2004 -05) is now Clinical Director of Evelina Medicine, which she describes as “a wonderful role that allows me to nurture the growing medical world and support some fascinating and innovative schemes to enable children and families to have better lives”.

Alexandra Norrish (HF 2012-13) is now Programme Director of the Hospital Services Programme with the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Shadow Integrated Care System, a  partnership of 23 organisations looking after the health and care of 1.5 million people.

Christina Pagel (HF 2016-17) has been promoted to Professor of Operational Research in the Clinical Operational Research Unit, Department of Mathematics at University College, London.

Maddy Phipps-Taylor (HF 2014-15) has been promoted to the post of Corporate Development Director at Allocate Software Ltd.

Jacob West (HF 2014-15) has been appointed as Executive Director of Healthcare Innovation, for the British Heart Foundation. His role is to increase BHF’s health impact for patients and the public.

Do send us updates about your roles, career and voluntary activities for inclusion in the future newsletters.  Information should be sent to Aoife Dudley. Her email address is