Current Newsletter Autumn 2021

Welcome to the Harkness Alumni News Issue 8
Autumn 2021

Earlier this year, Timothy Hornsby stepped down as Chair of the Harkness Fellows Association.  To recognise his very considerable service to the Association, the Board has appointed him Chair Emeritus. Judy Hargadon (HF 92/93), former Deputy Chair, was elected by Directors and Trustees to replace Timothy. In a message to members of HFA and other alumni Judy says “ I am delighted to have been selected and offer sincere thanks to Timothy for all he has done for the Association. I am looking forward to discussion with members at our AGM on November 9th. I am keen to learn how we can continue to meet the aspirations of members for their alumni association. I have enjoyed meeting so many people from different walks of life through my work on the committee over the last few years.  If you are not a member, please consider joining – for a small annual sum you would be supporting the costs of running our learning network. See here. We hope all readers enjoy the features in the newsletter and the reports of talks they missed. I look forward to meeting many more of you, whether on line or in person, and remind you that we welcome features by Harkness Fellows for the newsletter.”

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COP 26
The COP 26 conference is in full flow as we publish.  Earlier in the year William Wilson (HF 1996-97) outlined the many aspects of addressing climate change in his talk to alumni, including the law, politics, science and public attitudes.  

The role played by the financial sector is critical. André Lévy-Lang (HF 1963-65) outlines for readers the approach France is taking to financing sustainable change.  


Professor Tim O’Riordan, (HF 1963), addresses the importance of local engagement in moving forward, and outlines the conditions for successful sustainable localism.

In the winter and spring months of 2022 we are returning to Zoom talks.  On January 26th Professor John Pickett CBE, FRS from the University of Cardiff will address the question ‘Can we deliver sustainable food production?’


Constitutional matters UK and US

Lord Jonathan Sumption is booked to give our Annual Lecture in London on November 22nd.  He will discuss the implications of Brexit and Covid for the way we are governed and the future development of our constitution. The role played by the US Constitution was discussed when Professor Mann from the Brookings Institute and Berkeley recently shared his analysis of the threats to American Democracy.  Readers might also wish to save the date, March 24th, when Professor Sir John Curtice will address matters in the UK  with his presentation on-line about The State of the Union. 



European Court of Justice

On Monday 28th February 2022 Professor Koen Lenaerts, HF 1977-79, President of the Court of Justice of the European Union, will speak about the contribution of the Court of Justice of the European Union to European integration. Created in 1952  with the adoption of the Treaty of Paris, the Court of Justice will be seventy years old next year. That upcoming event calls for celebration and there is no better way of doing it than having Professor Lenaerts discussing the essential role of the law in future integration. This event will be on Zoom.

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Harkness Fellows Updates

Please send us updates about yourself.  We know that Harkness Fellows like to hear about fellow alumni but we can only share what we are told.  These should be sent to

Congratulations to Simon Stephens, who, having been appointed a Knights Bachelor in the 2020 New Year Honours, received a Life Peerage in July 2021. He will serve in the House of Lords as a Baron Stevens of Birmingham, an independent cross bencher. Lord Stephens was CEO of the NHS for 7 years. 
Christina Pagel, HF 2016/17, Professor of Operational Research at UCL, has become a regularly approached commentator on Covid 19 public health policy. See here for a summary of her advice.
Stephen Potter, HF 73-75 would like to make contact with fellow alumni from the early 70s. Now living in Sweden,  their company offers on-line courses for coaches and facilitators on the use of visual metaphors to handle difficult personal and business problems from their clients. Stephen is also advising the World’s leading company for data-driven invention, Iprova SA in Lausanne, Cambridge, London, San Jose and Tokyo, in strategic matters and in business development.  Iprova is now offering an SaaS-type license, helping global clients use their Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing software platform and invention expertise, enabling companies to build their own, in-house, DDI laboratories. 
We were sad to hear of the death of Stephen Ashworth, a committed planning lawyer, who died suddenly from a heart attack at the age of 57.  Stephen was a Harkness Fellow in 1995-96 studying at the the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Committee updates
Mary Denyer has recently joined the committee that runs HFA activities.
Timothy Hornsby CBE ((HF 61-63) has stepped down as Chair of the Harkness Fellows Association. Along with William Plowden,  Timothy was one of the founder members of the Harkness Fellows Association at the turn of the century.  Timothy found the Harkness Fellows he knew to be entertaining and stimulating people and already had a loose network with other fellows.  He helped develop the fledging association as he thought it would give structure and focus to a network which would be welcome to many fellows.  From the start the Association ran excellent talks, often given by former fellows, including an Annual Lecture. However, the annual Edward Harkness Birthday Dinner was an idea that emerged over time. Timothy has noted this as an example of how valuable it is to have a committee generating options, building on each other’s ideas and coming to better decisions as a result. Many former fellows have served on the committee over the long years of Timothy’s tenure as Chair.